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Soup or any Starter, any Main Course, any Dessert

(7 euros extra on dishes marked with a *)

This menu is for one person.

  • Price48 €

Kid’ s Meal

  • Poultry or Beef Filet or White Fish served with Pasta, Risotto or Vegetables and Fried Potatoes
  • Pasta Alfreddo
  • Two Ice-Cream Scoops
  • A Soda or Fruit Juice
  • Price16 €

The French Onion Soup Gratinated with Emmental Cheese.

  • Price12 €

Crayfish Bisque, served as a Cappuccino with a “Foie Gras” Ravioli and Hazelnut flavored Whipped Cream.

  • Price18 €

Creamy Local Pumpkin Soup, Caribbean Flavors (V).

  • Price16 €

Soup of the week

  • Price16 €

“Black Angus” Beef Carpaccio, Truffled Mascarpone Cream, Shaved Aged Gouda Cheese, Roasted croutons

With no croutons (GF).

  • Price20 €

The Astrolabe’s Caesar Salad, with no Anchovies (V).

  • Price12 €

Burgundy Snail Tasting

Burgundy Snails in a Creamy Parsley and Garlic Sauce,

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Croutons, Fresh Herbs.

  • Price16 €

Caribbean Lobster Ravioli in a Bisque and Coconut Milk Sauce, Sweet Chili Pepper Coulis.

  • Price18 €

SeaFood Trilogy

Tuna Tartar with Chives and Mustard Seeds
Crayfish Tempura, Sesame and Soy Sauce Mayonnaise
Tobiko Sour Cream and Crab Meat Napoleon

  • Price18 €

Mixed Mesclun Salad with a Homemade “Vinaigrette” Dressing,

Cherry Tomatoes and Parmesan Cheese Shavings (V). (GF).

  • Price12 €

Duck Liver Trilogy

– “Salt and Pepper” Terrine

– Pan-Seared and served hot, with a Sweet Wine Sauce Paté Marinated in Port Wine and Hibiscus Flower

– Crushed Five Peppercorn, Sea-Salt Flakes, Toasted Bread.

  • Price20 €

“Black Angus” Beef Carpaccio, Truffled Mascarpone Cream, Shaved Aged Gouda Cheese, Roasted croutons

  • Price20 €

Grilled Caribbean Lobster Tagliatelle with Veggies of the Day.

Half Tail 25 €

Whole Tail 35 €

No Lobster (V). 19 €

  • Price

“Black Angus” Beef Filet Mignon

“Black Angus” Beef Filet Mignon, Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms, Home-Made Mashed Potatoes,

“New School” Béarnaise Sauce with Mascarpone Cheese.

  • Price30 €

Corn-Fed Chicken Breast

Marinated with “Chimichurri” Sauce and Grilled, Red Wine Risotto with Oregano, Italian Black Olives Tempura, Vegetables of the Day

  • Price26 €

(Français) Souris d’Agneau

French Farmed Duck Breast, Crispy Fingerling Potato Wedges with 5 Spices, Honey and Soy Sauce, infused with Coffee Beans, Steamed Green Asparagus.

  • Price28 €

Roasted “Duroc” Pork Chop

Marsala Wine and Juniper Sauce, Mashed Potatoes flavored with “Iberico” Spanish Spicy Sausage, Chioggia Beetroot Crisps, Grilled Artichokes Heart.

  • Price28 €

Lamb Filet Mignon

Cooked Rare or Medium-Rare, Mustard Seeds Pickle, Smoked Green Lentils Ragout, Breaded French Goat Cheese, Some Veggies.

  • Price29 €

“Black Angus” Beef Filet Mignon Rossini Style

Sautéed Oyster Mushroom, Home-Made Mashed Potatoes, Seared Duck “Foie Gras” on Top, Gravy Sauce.

  • Price35 €

Seared Arctic Char Fillet from European Lakes

Creamy Noilly-Prat Butter Sauce, Tarragon and Grapefruit Risotto, Seasonal Vegetables.

  • Price28 €

Roasted Whole Dover Sole

 Lemon Butter Sauce, Seasonal Veggies and Fingerling Potatoes in Thyme Melted Butter.

  • Price34 €

Mahi-Mahi Fillet

Glazed with a Maple Syrup and Soy Sauce, “Carbonara Style” Mashed Potatoes, Sautéed Mushrooms and Green Peppercorn, Green Asparagus.

  • Price26 €

Sautéed Jumbo Shrimps

Flamed with Tequila, Warm Local Sweet Chili Pepper Dressing, Creamy Coconut Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Artichokes Heart.

  • Price28 €

Seared Fresh Sea Scallops,

Cream of Purple Potatoes, infused with Kaffir Lime, Citrus Butter Sauce, Fresh Grated Lime Zest, Seasonal Veggies.

• Add some Seared Foie Gras (Rossini). +8 €

  • Price28 €

French Cheese Plate

  • Price13 €

Grand-Marnier Frozen “Soufflé”, Orange Marmelade and Bitter Cocoa Powder.

  • Price12 €

Madagascar Fresh Vanilla Home Made Crème Brûlée

  • Price12 €

Hot Melty Chocolate Cake, Pistachio Custard, Coffee Ice-Cream.

  • Price12 €

The Astrolabe’s Profiteroles, Hazelnuts “Chantilly”, Vanilla Ice-Cream and Chocolate Sauce.

  • Price12 €

White Chocolate and Fresh Raspberries Napoleon.

  • Price12 €

Assortment of Three Sorbets.

  • Price12 €

Grand-Marnier Frozen “Soufflé”, Preserved Orange and Bitter Cocoa Powder.

  • Price12 €